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cooking service

cooking service

** ATTENTION: before purchasing a cooking service, you must contact us by email at to ensure that we are able to take your pieces! All purchases must be made online, we do not sell soil directly in store.**

Turned or shaped pieces at home? We offer a firing service for people who have ceramic experience. If you're a complete beginner, consider training like our Design Day or our online shaping course first.

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Types of cooking services

All-in-one service

What does it include? Biscuit baking and enamel baking for 1 12x24” board of your creations, transparent enameling done by a member of our team! Be careful, once your pieces have been deposited, you will only get them back after the final firing.

Price: $100

Plank cooking

We will provide you with 12 x 24” boards when you come to bring your pieces. The cost is determined by the number of boards required to lay your pieces. Please note that these should not be stacked. Maximum room height is 5”. If your pieces are taller, it will cost two boards. The documents must all be signed.

Biscuit baking: $32 per board

Enamel firing: $40 per plank

Clear enameling service: $45


We have two types of clay in the workshop (semi-porcelain and sandstone, see photos), which you can pick up on site at a cost of $35 per 10kg bag.

You can also use your own clay, but we require a photo of your clay box. We only accept clays that cook at cone 6

Conditions and deadlines

When you place your first order, we will send you a contract to complete. We will not be able to accept parts without it being duly completed and signed.

Parts recovery
The time required for cooking depends on the volume of pieces we have to cook. Sometimes it takes a few weeks. Feel free to write to us to get an idea of ​​our current traffic.
You will receive an email when your parts are ready. You have 10 days to pick them up afterwards.

Despite all our precautions, breakage may occur during cooking and handling. We do not offer compensation in the event of breakage.

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