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Online Shaping Course

Online Shaping Course

By participating in an online shaping course session, you will discover, through 6 video clips led by Goye, Ceramist Artist, several techniques to try at home to create clay objects by hand.

Bowls, cups, small sculptures, jewelry, vases, etc., the shaping possibilities are endless! The projects proposed in the capsules are basic projects to inspire you while explaining the techniques to you, but once these have been mastered, we hope that you will be inspired to create original pieces and shapes and that you will let your imagination run wild. in the art of shaping!

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Lesson Plan

  • Lesson 1: Basics of ceramics
  1. Crafting objects from a plate
  2. Part drying management
  • Course 2: More complex projects and struggles
  1. Make a mug
  2. Make a legged bowl
  • Lesson 3: Colombins and sculptures
  1. Make a coil vase
  2. Make small sculptures
  • Lesson 4: Small parts
  1. Make pinched pots
  2. Make jewelry and small parts
  3. Small projects to do with the children
  • Lesson 5: Engraving techniques
  1. Make a soap dish
  2. Explore engravings and textures
  3. Parts repair techniques
  • Lesson 6: Decorating with underglaze and packing and transporting your pieces


Before the start of the course, go to the store to pick up your kit in deposit including the equipment and the earth. At the start of the session, you will receive a newsletter with video content (6 capsules), as well as an invitation to a Facebook group to share your questions and your creations.

You can go at your own pace, but we encourage you to plan around 2 to 3 hours per week for your creations, or about twenty hours spread out as you see fit!

What is included: a kit loaned for the house for a period of 6 weeks including everything needed to carry out the projects: tools, soil, underglaze.

What you should have at home: 1 rolling pin, 1 small knife or exacto, 1 wooden spoon, newspaper, masking tape, objects to create texture (rock, shell, thick lace, foliage, etc!), bowls of various sizes that will serve as molds.

Firing of the pieces

Once the session is over, complete your pieces and bring back your kit as well as your pieces to be baked (maximum of 10 regular pieces, and 6 small pieces per registration). We will glaze all pieces in a clear glaze and you will be contacted when fired.

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